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Thank you to everyone who submitted responses as part of the Cheshire East Council Community Governance Review.  The Parish Council has been saved as Cheshire East Council has withdrawn their proposals to abolish the Parish Council.  Instead, from April 2023, the Parish Council will be known as ‘Leighton, Minshull Vernon and Woolstanwood Parish Council’. It will comprise 16 Councillors (down from the current 22).

A success for democracy, common sense and residents’ wallets!

Anyway, we have work to do.  Cheshire East’s proposals to abolish the Parish Council has been a major distraction over the past eighteen months and stopped us getting on with our job of supporting the residents of the Parishes.  However, we need your help as we have a number of vacancies on the Council, therefore, please contact the Clerk if you are interested in joining us.


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